Life size dioroamas

Life size cutouts are used in Parliament House as part of the school tour program.  This is the latest finished product.

life size diorama cut out

A quick illustration of the process:

1.  professional photographer is hired to take the photo

2.  I deep etch the background

3. make a cutting line and send to the printer.

diorama process

Diorama images in foyer of Parliament Housediorama group


Display Panels

For the 150th Anniversary of Queensland Parliament Hansard 24 display panels were created to be hung on the walls of Parliament House.  The majority of the panels contains extracts of speeches made in Parliament, with some history of the speech or topic and information about the Member of Parliament who made the speech.  A celebration of the event and launch of the panels was held at Parliament House on 18 August 2014. The panels will be on permanent display in Parliament House hopefully in the coming months.  A sample of the panels below:

H150_display boards 2_small

Panels in the red chamber at Parliament House for the Hansard 150th Anniversary event.

Hansard 150_PRINT READY_18Aug Hansard 150_PRINT READY_18Aug7 Hansard 150_PRINT READY_18Aug13 Hansard 150_PRINT READY_18Aug18 Hansard 150_PRINT READY_18Aug23

Introductory panels and timelines were also required (a few examples below)HANSARD 150 anniversary_ chief reporters-01 Hansard 150_Introduction-01 Hansard 150 timeline-01